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I am selling my property, what do I need to do ?

If you are looking to sell your Leasehold property, there are requirements within your Lease which must be followed.
Your solicitor will need to contact us to request a Leasehold Enquiry pack. Once your Solicitor has paid our fee for the pack, we will provide them with detailed information on all applicable requirements, and any other information required by your solicitor.
If you are selling your property please ask your Solicitor to contact us at:
Residents Quarter Limited
6 Malton Way
Or by email at salesandconsent@residentsquarter.co.uk.
The Solicitors Information Pack will be tailored specifically to your property and our fee will vary dependant on the requirements of your Lease. This is why we can only advise you of the fee once we have received the written application from your solicitor and identified your individual needs.